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LoRC official extended rules

Information about the guild - Rules, Members, How-to-Join, etc..
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LoRC official extended rules

Unread postby andy » 06 Jul 2011, 10:38

Here are our rules. If you join LoRC you accept ALL of this rules!

00. Have fun!

01. Game Rules
- When in doubt, check the ingame encyclopedia.

02. No Scamming!

- Robbing people through trade scams.
- Luring people to death on PK areas or dangerous maps to take their death bags.
- Exploiting bot bugs.

03. Bags
- No bagjumping includes hyperbags.
- If you find a deathbag and see the content is not simple monster drop, report it on channels 1, 2 and 6 (refraining to say what's inside, of course) and\or wait at least 5 mins to see if the rightful owner returns (the rightfull owner knows what is in the bag). If no one shows up you are free to just leave or take the bag. (If later someone calls you to get his bag back, pls return it, if it is the legal owner).
- Don't take monster drops if the slayer is still about. He/she may want the loot. If in doubt, ask.
- Ants are automated players so feel free to take their stuff. They do the same.
- You may keep the bags of those who attack you unasked
- You may keep the bags of red and brown tags in PK

04. Spawns
- Use only one at a time unless the others are free. If someone else arrives in the meantime, leave the extra spawn and stick to a single one.
- If all spawns are being used, wait for your turn.
- If another player is using more than one spawn, ask which one you can use.

05. Begging
Don't go around asking for free stuff, in or outside the guild.
Yes, getting nice gear takes time but everyone had to work to get what they have.
Begging makes the guild look bad to outsiders and it's probably the best way to have guildies NOT giving you things they might have freely offered otherwise.

06. PK (Player Kill) and PvP (Player versus Player)

While not a "PK guild", LoRC will accept PKers provided they behave in a honorable fashion - meaning:

- no attacking harvesters
- no attacking noobs
- no attacking unarmed, unprepared for combat players (When in doubt if they're harvesting or doing a daily/quest/etc., just ask them.)
- no attacking PvP trainers (unless red tagged)
- no attacking friends/allies (green tagged)
- no using weapons which have BroD effect  (unless the player is BroD tagged or attacks you with BroD)
- help guildies, friendlies, allied guilds being attacked (ofc only if you have a chance to win)
- Don't use mines and calltrops in public areas.

Summoning counts as attacking in PK areas.

- Bear in mind that when in a PK area you always risk getting killed and lose stuff as it is a legal part of the game and there's nothing the guild can do about it.
- If you're not up for a fight, wear cheap, easily replaceable stuff, or go naked. Or have someone who is able to knock others silly escort you through an area, go invisible, etc.
- If you find yourself unarmed and in a fight, use a diss ring. (Especially good if they break your weapon)

- Define beforehand the terms of combat - to the death or not, drops, weapons, magic, summons and so on.
If you're going to PvP outside the guild with people you don't know that well, you should:

- Have one spotter each as witnesses to help making sure everyone sticks to what was agreed upon.
- Inform a high ranking member (Officer, Council, GM) about it and who you're fighting. You don't want to accidentally start a guild war over some misunderstanding that might happen.
- Be kind and courteous always, even when you lose.

07. Dealing with Others
- Feel free to ask for help on #GM if you need someone to save your deathbag, need info, to trade stuff, some help to use NPCs or haul stuff. Most of the time there will be someone glad to be of service, just don't abuse people's good will or throw a tantrum if no one is available.
- If you have a complaint about a guildie, PM the Guildmaster or a Council Member about it.
- We are a friendly, peaceful guild. We won't make enemies if we can avoid it. If you find yourself in some kind of dispute ask for advice on #GM. High ranking members and/or more experienced guildies will help settle matters.
- Don't interfere in other people's fights.
- Don't go into insult contests with enemy guilds, just ignore the idiot who started it.
- Don't do business with enemy guilds (red tagged).
- Be helpful to others if you can, guildies or otherwise (but beware of scammers, like strangers asking you to haul stuff from a mine for instance).
- Mind your tag before going for the throat of your alt's enemies. Your other guild's disputes are no concern of LoRC.

Remember, your actions will reflect on the guild as a whole.

08. Using Guild Channels
Feel free to use #GM to chat away all you like but take conversations and\or language that might be deemed unsuited for minors or annoy more sensitive guildies to the guild's other channel (#jc guild or @@guild), a private channel or PM.
You are also free to use #Ig to talk to other guilds but don't go spamming guilds you don't know as not everyone has our sense of humor.

09. Bots
- Don't fight Guard bots.

10. Taking a Break, Leaving for Good and Rejoining
- You are free to leave anytime you like or have to. When you do, however, we would appreciate it if you would inform someone you're leaving, on #GM, by PM or by posting in the Absences thread in the forum. No need to say why, just that you won't be around anymore.
- You should be able to return at a later date provided you didn't cause any trouble on your way out or ingame after leaving (or haven't become a guild hopper).
- A "visit" is when guildies momentarily go be with/help friends in allied guilds (and the other way around) as way of strenghtning inter-guild relations. No visits are allowed if you've been a member for less than 2 months, and for no longer periods than 2 weeks at a time, 4 weeks total a year, and - again - after informing the guild of your absence. Failing to do this or turning visits into guild hopping will get you kicked since you're obviously not interested in remaining here.
- Vanishing whitout warning during your first month will get you kicked, for most of the time it means players just got bored with the game and\or guild and left. Readmittance will be considered on a case by case basis.

11. Expulsion
While the breaking of some rules may only get you a warning (at least the first time), being an ass in and/or outside the guild will get you kicked. Not only that, but if the offense warrants it, every allied guild will be informed of your transgression and expulsion.

Unofficial rule ('Da'Slink rule'): Say goodbye and wait 20 seconds before you log off.
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Re: LoRC official extended rules

Unread postby Nessa » 10 Sep 2015, 22:32

Updates in blue.
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