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Msg from stouxy ( he bid adieu to EL :(

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Msg from stouxy ( he bid adieu to EL :(

Unread postby DEEPDRAGON » 11 Jul 2016, 18:19

Copy paste of msg from EL official forum: link ... ntry589734

Howdy o/

The time has finally come...The time when I call it quits and say Farewell Eternal Lands!

I've been playing EL since 2005-ish, with longer&shorter breaks, but I was still coming back.

Came back for good 2 years ago.
But now, I'm uninstalling EL and not coming back any time soon.
Not unless anything happens with EL.

First of all, I'd like to thank radu for this awesome game, which I had fun playing for so many years :)) Thanks!

This game had/has such tremendous potential and I hope, someone will come and unleash the potential to it's fullest eventually :DD

I would like to thank these following people, who had impact on myself throughout the years ( bare in mind that my first main char name used to be AdKo :))

Mlicnak- Thanks for showing my this game back in ~2005! You should've played for longer haha.

Koddy- Thanks for guiding me and showing me game when I was starting. We've been through some ups and downs, but eventually we ended up being a good friends.

Holar- You were my idol when I was like 12 years old, you were older than me and I was looking up to you like to a god of EL haha. Thanks for accepting me to CZE guild back then- my first guild I've ever been to :PP
Owning Pepa bot since then. And sorry for causing the troubles I've caused back then. I'm kinda sure you don't even remember then, do you ? haha

TooMass- Man, you were my PK hero/god/idol! I wanted to be as powerfull as you used to be. It's a pity you decided to quit EL soooo long ago :/ Hopefully someone will show you this message and you'll show up sometime.

CA$H guild- Damn son! This guild was awesome and I wanted to be the part of it :/ Sadly, I've never fulfilled this dream :/ sigh

Jork- Heh, does anyone even remember this guy? You borrowed me lots of stuff when I first met you, without even knowing who I was/meeting me before.
Hope you're doing all right and eventually someone will show this to you.

S_Destruct- Whoever you were, fu*k you! In case anyone knows this person, pm me pls I'd like to talk to you man :)

pain- I like you man. Good friend of mine, will miss you as well!

KreamZ- Lol man, that legendary rap video of yours on YouTube is so sick!!! I still watch it from time to time. Hope you all right.

Brusu- Thank you very much for being there for me, for giving me a second chance and accepting me to RoS guild. You gave me a good fresh start and the most importantly, you believed in myself :) Thanks again. Much apppreciated!

Lyndy- Hello, I would like to thank you for accepting me into * KA * guild, that guild is awesome as well. Also thank you very much for everything you've done for me. I would like to repay you in any way.
But I guess my THANKS will have to be enough for now. Once again, thanks for being out there for me, you were huge help :))

IvoryRose- I like your outfits   :)) I don't even know why, but I liked you! We didn't talk much, but I guess we became good friend. <3

TheArrow- You're a really nice person. Good job doing your contests  .Had fun being a part of them. Keep it up!! WIll miss you man.

PraXis- ( Speaking in British Accent ===> You little twat/slag :D Just remember our first Skype call...dafuq u talking about :D Thanks for being one of my best friends :)

Caduceus- Read ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :D Can you understand him? "no"... :D Also thanks for being one of my best friends. Still remember the act of your kindness when I bought the first char from you :)
But in fact, you turned a bit evil at the end haha :D And that thing with Multani char, I'd do it 10/10 again :)

Multani- Man, nothing personal...But it was a nasty thing and I just done what needed to be done. Sorry, but I'm sure you understand and you got over it :P

Rabbitman- You've also taught me a lot about EL, especially about bombs and PK. Thanks for all these stuff :) You've been my good friend which I fully trusted. And also thank you for trusting me.

Cyrus- Thanks a lot for your Cyrus char that I bought when I came back, that char unleashed my business/trading days in EL :) Hope you're doing all fine!

Talon- I know we didn't like each other a lot, but eventually I guess we been OK. Thanks for that stupidass storage which I sold yesterday :D How long has it been? 7 monthhs? more ? :D Don't know. Have a good life man :)

Starkie- One of the most trustable players in entire EL :P Keep in mind that part of our EL carreer which has never happened okay! :D Hope you'll max out ur char asap :D Was nice meeting you.

Evie- Evie, thank you for everything you've done for me. I know I've been annoying almost 90% of time, but I hope you understan why?! haha... Thank you for helping me out. I appreciate everything.

Altheaus- Daaaaaaamn son, you crazy person! Thank you for everything as well :D Hope you'll max out every attribute when radu decides to raise all the caps and w/e. I hope you will have the char you've ever dreamt of!
And thank you very much for freeing my soul from this game!!! :D

WolfWitch- You are really a nice person :) And the whole charity raffle thing- I hope all will be smooth and I appreciate all the doings you do. Keep it up and good luck!

Learner- Hope Other-Life will become a huge thing. You have some nice goals and fresh ideas! Keep it up.

Shiidiman- Heh, I don't know why, but from the start I knew you're a nice person :) Have a good life o/

St_Arcane- Sorry for starting the war with your guild Ayyy. Thank you for also being a good friend and for all the info you've given to me and all the help you provided :) Thanks.

Mandroyl- I own you in 1v1 LoL! xD ... Kinda funny how offensive we've been to each other, for sure all out of fun :P Fek you!!!

Maxine- You belong to one of the best mods I've come across with. Thanks for doing a good job o/

Darrock- You belong to one of the best mods I've come across with. Thanks for doing a good job o/

Aquila- Hey, thanks for our little secret which you promised to us you'll do :) Sadly, it never went through, but I appreciate the effort. Thanks for being a great mod :)

revi- Eh, what do I say here ? :D I really think you've been overdoing your  job as a mod, but eventually I found out you were kinda O.K in PM's. I'll kinda miss you and your "mutes" haha.

Ruffy- I am kinda sad that you stopped playing :/ You were really a nice person! EL needs more people like you :) Hope you're doing good!

Faxie- You are an awesome merchant and I hope you'll be doing some nice profits in and outside of EL :) Also thanks for being a good and honest person.

Chester- Thanks for showing me all the guild maps and teaching me how to kill guard bots :P Was tons of fun!!!

bkc56- I remember when I came to PK server for a while and you've been translating Eminem's songs for me . I think you don't even remember it, since it was maybe 7 years ago. But you indeed are very nice/helpfull person! Thanks!

Susje- Ayyy, Hi :D Well, you got this all wrong, I didn't hate you...I was just trolling you because you were so self defensive and you didn't admit your wrongs. But in fact, you are a good merchant and I honestly hope you'll be happy in your life.

Mufossa- Man, you are the legend...That char was awesome and I'm glad I had it for some while haha Thanks. But I think you don't even know since you didn't play back then.

stivy- Damn hydro guard!  Was fun playing cat and mouse with you. I know you're a honest person and whatever goal you have in EL, I hope you'll achieve it ! Have a good one o/

radu- Really thanks for EL, I had tons of fun. The only sad thing is that you gave up on EL and you only cared about $$$$$$$ anymore :/ Hope you'll invest some more money to make EL awesome again! If yes, trust me that I'll come back.
Anyways, good job with EL. And don't be that greedy and mean/grumpy + don't be so ignorant and easily offended by anything people say. The only thing that ruined EL was your behaviour and not caring in last few years sadly :/ ( Noone else will speak out this open , cos they afraid of being banned kk )
Take care of your players please :) Have a good one o/

I would also like to thank to all my customers which had bought any chars or gold coins from me :) It meant a lot for me.
Some approximate statistics for you guys: Amount of GC sold/resold: ~200Mgc
                                         Amount of Chars sold/resold: ~50
                                         Amount of players I've traded with: ~45

( Make char/gc selling legal! :D )

I'm sure I didn't mention lots of people...Sorry, nothing personal. Some of people I didn't mention on purpose, because it'd be waste of time and they're not worth mentoning them here.
Overall, thank you ALL for being out there for me and contributing to my unforgettable experience during my childhood/adulthood
I will never forget this game and this community. ( If you want to keep in touch or want to ask anything or just chat, add me on skype at " adko.veliky " )

I hope you all will have a great lifes and will enjoy playying this or any other games .

I will miss you guys </3

See you around...eventually.

Peace ! o/

Sincerely, StouXy (AdKo)
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Re: Msg from stouxy ( he bid adieu to EL :(

Unread postby Adamantinus » 15 Jul 2016, 22:39

Well he started mentioning quitting long ago. I guess  it takes some time till people really leave then.

The last point really is interesting, wondering if Radu ever thinks about it :D

Kind regards
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