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About the Legion...

Information about the guild - Rules, Members, How-to-Join, etc..
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About the Legion...

Unread postby Lorelei » 13 Oct 2018, 17:40

Hail Visitor! The Legion bids you welcome!

The Guild History
The Legion of Renegade Crusaders (LoRC) was originally created as an "offshoot" from the guild HOLY by Nicktehbrick. Before his untimely exile from Draia, he handed it over to Lord "Tigerstripes" Andy of Tirnym; once Andy decided he wanted to become the very best archer in Draia, he bequeathed it to Nessa Drow of the Shroom before Andy left on his journey.

It was a few years later when tragedy struck: our illustrious guildmistress was accosted by Real Life and the Elven Mists of Tirnwood Vale, and with no clues or ransom note, the Quest for Nessa began. Despite searching high and low for the beloved yet scatterbrained drow, there was no trace of her, and so the Legion of Renegade Crusaders was "disbanded" and created anew with former councilor Lorelei's apprentice, Dun_Witch as the leader until Lorelei could return, and the efforts of Officer (now Councilor) Shadowgate and Officer (now Councilor) toni. It was given a new name: Legion of Renegade Crusaders of the Shroom. However that was rather long and didn't fit on their business cards, so the "official" title is "Crusaders of the Shroom" (Crusaders being an homage to their origins), but the guild title is still LoRC, because LoRCotS, once again, did not fit on their business cards and look all that impressive.

Here at the Legion, you will find an environment where members can pursue their own goals (so long as they're honourable ones), whilst forging everlasting friendships, embarking on trades, and participating in the occasional guild event. What we require of you at the Legion is that you be honest, friendly, and mature, and most of all, honourable. Here at the Legion, you will have a good time partaking in all that Draia has to offer, with people who will have your back.

Your Guildies
The typical LoRC is a friendly, chatty and most often nutty person with a sense of humor that ranges from dry to sarcastic to dirty. We like to talk nonsense and gather wherever for no other reason than being together is fun.

The Coat of Arms
Our Coat of Arms is topped by a red dragon for our founder, Nicktehbrick, a red draegoni. On the left side we have 3 swords, the traditional weapon of the crusader. On the right we have 3 pies in honor of our beloved homeland, Pie Island. At the bottom, we have a red toadstool, the sacred mixing elixir of the guild. Our colors are red and white, for they are the colours of the shroom.
Need dung? PM me in-game.

EL Blog

#GM from Lorelei: Grue in DP sto
#GM from Moon_Dust: *points at Sakaala* hers :p
#GM from Sakaala: :o mine died! it wasn't meh
#GM from Moon_Dust: your grues are like your whips, you have an infinate supply :S
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