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The Code of Conduct

Information about the guild - Rules, Members, How-to-Join, etc..
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The Code of Conduct

Unread postby Lorelei » 13 Oct 2018, 17:52

LoRC's Basic Ruleset:
1.) Obey all game rules and moderator instructions.
2.) Don't scam, bagjump, serp, or beg. (Bagjumping and serping is allowed for BROWN and RED TAGGED guilds only!)
3.) Be honourable always, even in PK, whether dealing with friend or foe. You represent the whole of LoRC as well as you yourself.

So what does this all mean?

01. Obey all game rules and moderator instructions
- When in doubt, check the ingame encyclopedia or ask someone for clarification.

02a. Don't scam

Scamming is behaviour such as:
- Robbing people through trade scams (example, selling someone a rosto but giving them a diamond instead and running off with their money).
- Luring people to death on PK areas or dangerous maps to take their death bags.
- Exploiting bot bugs. (If you see a bot bug, PM the bot owner and let them know so they can fix it.) What is a bot bug? It could be something such as a coding error, or something user created, such as the bot owner setting up the wrong prices (selling something for 14kgc instead of 1.4kgc, setting something as free instead of putting a price for guild discounts, etc.)
- Changing the password of a shared character or a character that is otherwise not yours, whether entirely or in part, so that the only one who has access is you.

02b. don't bagjump
- this includes deathbags, hyperbags, harvesting bags, and mixing bags, as well as loot bags
- If you find a deathbag and are unsure of the owner, report it on channels 1, 2 and 6 (refraining to say what's inside, of course) and/or wait at least 5 mins to see if the rightful owner returns (the rightful owner knows what is in the bag, or at least has an idea of what was lost). If no one shows up you are free to just leave or take the bag. (If later someone calls you to get his bag back, please return it, if it is the legal owner).
- If you know the owner of the deathbag (you watched them die, or someone announced they lost a bag in x location), PM the owner and ask them to verify some of the contents. Once it's been verified, return all of the contents.
- Don't take monster drops if the slayer is still about. He/she may want the loot. Always ask before taking, as they could be farming for skins/furs, for example.
- You may keep the bags of those who attack you unasked if they are NOT IN A FRIENDLY OR ALLIED GUILD. ALWAYS RETURN THE BAGS OF ALLIES AND FRIENDS.
- You may keep the bags of red and brown tags in PK, and the bags of anyone on our Untrustworthy list.

02c. don't serp
Serping is stealing a spawn someone is using, or preventing someone from using a spawn in the case of multiple ones. Here's how to avoid it:
- Use only one at a time unless the others are free. If someone else arrives in the meantime, leave the extra spawn (or tell the newcomer which spawn they're free to use) and stick to a single one.
- If all spawns are being used, wait for your turn. If it's for a daily, make sure you say so so the person using it currently knows why you're there. There might be other players who are also waiting in the vicinity.
- If another player is using more than one spawn, ask which one you can use.
- You can spawn serp brown and red tagged guilds, and people who are deemed Untrustworthy. DO NOT SERP AN ALLY OR FRIEND, and if you do so unintentionally (maybe you didn't see them, or the mob was aggro'd), APOLOGISE and leave the area until they are finished (tell them to PM you when they're done with their daily, for example).

02d. don't beg.
- don't constantly ask for free st00f, it is annoying and will cause your guildies (and friends, and allies, and whomever else you're begging from) to feel like you're just taking advantage of their kind nature
- it makes the guild as a whole look bad
- this extends to abusing free guild resources, such as the guild treasury and library
- if you don't have money for gear or items that can be mixed, you can harvest the ingredients and provide food, and give those in exchange for the items you seek

03. Be honourable always, even in PK, whether it's PK (Player Kill) and PvP (Player versus Player).

PK Rules
While not a "PK guild", LoRC does accept (and occasionally partake in) PK. However, there are some rules to follow:
- no attacking harvesters (whether there for quest, for daily, or just to harvest ingreds)
- no attacking noobs (they're especially easy to spot)
- no attacking unarmed, unprepared for combat players (when in doubt if they're harvesting or doing a daily/quest/etc., just ask them.)
- no attacking PvP trainers (unless red tagged)
- no attacking friends/allies (green tagged), not that the game will let you attack allies, unless it's in the context of PvP (which has its own rules below) and has been agreed to
- no using Branch of Destruction (BroD) or weapons like it unless they are brown or red tagged
- if you are able to, help guildies, friends, and allied guilds being attacked
- Don't use mines and caltrops in public areas.

Summoning counts as attacking in PK areas. Your summons will not bother allied guilds.

- If you go into a PK area and are PKed, LoRC cannot get you your stuff back, as PK areas are marked and being attacked is a risk you must live with.
- If you're not up for a fight, or don't want to risk losing gear, either wear cheap, easily replaceable stuff, wear leathers (non-drop), or go naked. If for some reason you need to wear better gear, have someone who is able to knock others silly escort you through an area, or do things such as go invisible (although anyone with True Sight potion or spell can still see you), etc.
- Keep in mind that rostogol stones do not work in TD, and that KF is non-drop. All other areas that are PK, carry a rosto if you don't want to lose anything. Just because PK is dead, doesn't mean you can't get killed.

If you are going into a PK area, always carry at least one disengagement ring (aka diss ring) and one teleport ring (such as a map teleport ring, or a dung teleporter); alternatively instead of the tele ring, have tele-to-portals spell at the ready. Regardless of tools, you'll want to be able to "diss and tele" from the enemy. DO NOT COUNT ON BEING ABLE TO MANUALLY FLEE.

Player versus Player (PvP)
Know that if they are an allied guild, you (or the other person) will have to temporarily leave LoRC, as allied guilds cannot attack (the game will literally not let you). Make sure to speak to council beforehand so they can let you back in.

- Define beforehand the terms of combat - if you're seeing who goes to the UW first, what to do with drops, what weapons to use, what magic is allowed (such as harm, poison, etc.), what summons can be used (if any), what venue (PK map, arena) and so on.
- You're not required to have a "witness", but isn't it better to fight for LoRC's glory in front of a captive audience? ;)

If you're going to PvP outside the guild with people you don't know that well, you should:
- Have one spotter each as witnesses to help making sure everyone sticks to what was agreed upon.
- Inform a high ranking member (Officer, Council, GM) about it and who you're fighting. You don't want to accidentally start a guild war over some misunderstanding that might happen.
- Be kind and courteous always, even when you lose.

04. Dealing with Others

- Feel free to ask for help on #GM if you need someone to save your deathbag, need info, to trade stuff, some help to use NPCs or haul stuff. Most of the time there will be someone glad to be of service, just don't abuse people's good will or throw a tantrum if no one is available.
- If you have a complaint about a guildie, PM the Guildmaster or a Council Member about it.
- If you find yourself in some kind of dispute outside of the guild, ask for advice on #GM. High ranking members and/or more experienced guildies will help settle matters.
- Don't interfere in other people's fights.
- Don't go into insult contests with enemy guilds, just #ignore the idiot who started it. If it's in #ig, let a council member know so they can #ig ban the guild.
- You can trade with any guild bot, even red tagged ones, just beware that all trades are at your own risk and discretion, and LoRC cannot reimburse you.
- Be helpful to others if you can, guildies or otherwise (but beware of scammers, like strangers asking you to haul stuff from a mine for instance).
- Mind your tag before going for the throat of your alt's enemies. Your other guild's disputes are no concern of LoRC. (So for example, if you have an alt in DUNG, and their enemy is MAD, and someone in MAD did something bad to your alt, that is your alt's problem, and DUNG's problem, not LoRC's.)

Remember, your actions will reflect on the guild as a whole. Those four blue letters after you character's name aren't just for decoration, you know.

05. Using Guild Channels
Feel free to use #GM to chat away all you like, but if told to take the conversation elsewhere (to a private channel or even to PM), please do so. We DO allow more mature conversation, as this is an 18+ guild, but there is such a thing as "too raunchy", and you can't leave #GM chat. (You CAN hide it from view so long as you don't have the console up.)

You are also free to use #Ig to talk to other guilds but don't go spamming guilds you don't know as not everyone has our sense of humor.

06. Bots
- Don't fight Guard bots.
- Don't exploit any bot bugs you come across. If you find a bug, please let the owner of the bot know via PM or /mercator tell command.

07. Guild Maps
- Unless invited or the guild is no longer in existence, do not go to another guild's map. If you find yourself in one, leave immediately after apologising to whoever is there (if there is anyone, otherwise just leave immediately). If you want to go to another guild's map, talk to the guild in question first.
- LGC's guild map needs permission from Felessan (or one of his many alts).
- When invited to go to a guild map (for mana draining, PVP, etc.), act respectful at all times. You are in another person's home, after all.

08. Taking a Break, Leaving for Good and Rejoining
- You are free to leave anytime you like or have to. When you do, however, you MUST inform someone you're leaving, on #GM, by PM, by /mercator tell command, or by posting in the Absences thread in the forum. No need to say why, just that you won't be around anymore.
- if you are in a position where a certain amount of activity is required (such as officer or council), you must inform council of your absence and how long it is expected to be, or else you will be demoted to rank 16 (Respected) and "retired". Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
- You should be able to return at a later date provided you didn't cause any trouble on your way out or in-game after leaving (or haven't become a guild hopper).

You can take "vacations" or "visitations" to allied or friendly guilds, the length of which will be determined in a discussion between the person leaving and the guild council. You must be at least rank 6 and have been in LoRC for no less than six months in order to visit another guild, and you must give notice. Do this too often, and we will treat it as "guild hopping", which will bar you from rejoining the Legion.

Vanishing without warning during your trial period will get you kicked, for most of the time it means players just got bored with the game and/or guild and left. Vanishing without a word said to anyone means you will more than likely not be welcome back, but this is determined on a case by case basis.

09. Expulsion
While the breaking of some rules may only get you a warning (at least the first time), being an ass in and/or outside the guild will get you kicked. Not only that, but if the offense warrants it, every allied guild will be informed of your transgression and expulsion.

10. Bought Characters/Traded Characters
In light of recent events, if you are considering joining with a character you have bought or traded from someone (i.e. you are not the original owner of the character), you must tell us from whom you bought/traded the character from and, if you changed the name of the character, what the previous name was. Failing to answer these questions truthfully or repeatedly deflecting/avoiding them may result in your character not being accepted into LoRC. We have ways to check these things. Don't try to fool us.

By asking to be considered for LoRC, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to these rules.
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