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Meet the council members and officers

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Meet the council members and officers

Unread postby antonia » 12 Nov 2018, 16:31

Meet your LoRC council & officers

Council (rank 19)

Lorelei aka Lore/Lori  - our respected Guild Leader
Lorelei aka the Dung Queen, used to love bashing things (still does sometimes) but has become more peaceful in her "old age". Been playing EL since 2005, but been playing on this character since 30 September 2010 and joined LoRC  in October 2010. She used to love mixing fire essences, but now only entertains the call of the dunghouse. She sometimes answers when Xaquelina calls, but only if she has quests involving C2. Lore is well-versed in all things EL related and used to be an almost permanent fixture in DP sto, working on both her alchemist art and her place in the Buttprint Hall of Fame. She has more recently started to bring up a new generation of apprentices in the Art of Mother Nature's Finest. Her Buttprint at MM dung house is now also in the Hall of Fame, and if you are lucky enough to purchase any of her produce, you will find it to be of a much higher quality than the regular poop sold by others. Lorelei  is one of the Guild's greatest chroniclers – see here

Redhead – the Guild Master bot. She is Shadowgate’s  bot and is just learning how to do stuff correctly. However, we all have very high hopes for her and the part she will eventually play in the guild

Shadowgate – Treasurer (alts are variations on Shadowgate theme) Our honourable and highly trusted treasurer has been playing for 10 years, and joined LoRC in Jan 2018.  He is to be saluted for the magnificent efforts he has put into recent guild developments, making LoRC what it is today and thus (hopefully) ensuring its future growth. He keeps a wee bit quiet about his achievements but has some fine ambitions in the game. His strategy for raising his manu level (all in order to impress Daritha, we think) is somewhat unusual – you would need to ask him about that! His approach and ultimate goal in the game is to become an all-rounder and be able to do everything in the game at a high skill level. He is, therefore, a skilful mentor for new players due to his excellent all-round knowledge and experience

antonia (alt toni)  her  character toni is currently carrying out a diplomatic mission within K&M. toni is an aspiring fighter/ranger, antonia is a social harvester. She has a strong mule called Eeyore who can be used to help out individuals or guild events. She has a less impressive butt print than Lore at the MM dunghouse, but is learning a lot from Lore’s wisdom. She puts the dung to good effect on Nobel days (i.e. making bombs!) She tries to keep to the spirit and ethos of the guild at all times. Has been playing EL for several years (was once in BoC), but took a very long break before returning and joining the great guild of LoRC in March 2017. Happy to help newer members whenever required, and has some good all-round knowledge and skills

Gwinny  (alt Fenya) A master engineer and fine all-rounder,  the dynamic dwarfmaid has often been found at the head of harvesting and mixing events (she used to be called the Harv Party Queen). She has an impressive display of all the Badaran hunting trophies she's acquired while running Bada hunts. She has a strong mule named Jessy. She has been playing since summer 2012 and joined LoRC in Aug 2012. Her impressive skill levels make her an excellent mentor for newer players, and she is happy to help them to make gc by giving out harv jobs. Gwin is also one of the Global Quest fellows.

Bragi Our ninja council member. You never know where he might turn up, but keeping checking over your shoulder. He has many secrets and holds them close to his chest, but he is actually one of the top players in our guild with many impressive skills levels. If you see him around, make sure to “poke” him before he ninjas away, then pick his brains about how to improve your game. Joined LoRC Oct 2011

HiT (alts felessan / littlelooter)  One of our veteran EL players and one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to builds that have to do with combat. Streams invasions and instances/invances as well as allowing LoRCies to sell items on his two bots, Weaselturd (LoRC) and HydroTrader (LGC). Rumour has it that he is secretly radu in disguise. He has a rather large collection of raccoon and skunk hats, many custom made to have holes for his draegoni horns. He has a large collection of alts including Felessan, who also enjoys a varied assortment of fur hats when he's not wearing all his pr0 gear. Regardless of what character he's on, he's referred to usually as"Fele" if he's on Felessan or "LL" or "Looty". Joined LoRC May 2014
And, just to show how great he is ……………………….
[19:24:55] #GM from HiT: i rly fancy an invasion
[19:25:06] #GM from HiT: let me work some magic
Moments later..
[19:25:48] #Message from Wizzy: The moon is turning red! The armies of Mortos are advancing on Idaloran. Multi capped invasion in 20mins.

Shiidiman Our Estonian representative. An expert alchemist and crafter and an experienced tank, making him a great  instance buddy. Although most of us do not approve, Shiidi is one of the few LoRCies that don't consume shrooms, preferring instead the bones of his enemies.  Joined LoRC in Oct 2010

Highnz One of our chief summoners, beware his army of tank rabbits as he farms beavers for their loot. Usually sporting a skunk or raccoon hat and a pickaxe, but lately he's been found brushing up on his radu impressions. Always coming up with songs for different guildies. If you have a summoning question, Highnz is the one to bring it to. He’s a good negotiator, he’s happy to explore/experiment, he’s an experienced event/party host.  Lotto winner extraordinaire!! Joined LoRC in March 2010

Officers (rank 17)

Malaki (alts SmiteyMcHammer, BigMalBoski, Bookseller) Dark and mysterious (so he says) and “likes to bash things at invasions”  Malaki can be found on a mountain of air essence and death essence, lamenting over the sheer amount of mercury it took to make his mountain, and how there will never be enough cactus for mixing. You can't miss him; his hair is bright blue - just watch out for his horns! Often answers to the name "Mal". He is happy (desperate?) to give out mixing jobs, especially air essences / anything else that doesn’t give enriched versions, he’s knowledgeable on the gods / god quests, he has a strong mule for events, he makes fancy clothes, fancy armours and weapons (when he has hydro to spend on nexus) and is a Master of Magic …….. is there anything Mal doesn’t do well? He has certainly done an insane amount of maths on being efficient. He was the 16th person to join Eternal Lands and joined LoRC June 2011
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